Will Chiropractic Make Me Taller

Have you ever heard an older individual say “I’ve lost an inch since I was younger.”? Or maybe you are one of these people who has lost some height as you have gotten older? Let’s first talk about why this happens and then we will discuss what you can do about it. And then most importantly, answer the question ‘Will Chiropractic Make Me Taller?’

Anatomy of Height Loss

In between the bones of the spine are discs. Think of these discs as pillows filled with fluid. Remember water beds back in the day? Similar to that. They are fluid filled, pliable, strong sacs that provide space and protection for the spine and spinal cord. As we get older, or after injuries to the disc they get weaker. They become less fluid  and more dehydrated. As this process happens the bones of the spine become more compressed and closer together. This results in height loss. It is most commonly seen in older women and is more accelerated due to hormonal and physiological changes associated with menopause. Men, don’t think you are off the hook here, it still happens to men too.

Prevention of Height Loss

To prevent height loss you need to take care of your spine. Having a strong core, staying active, flexible and keeping good posture are all essential to preventing height loss. Because you are getting older does not mean you have to succumb to height loss.

Chiropractic’s Role

Very commonly patients tell me “I had my yearly physical and I’ve gained a half an inch since last year!” or something similar to this. To answer the question of this blog post, YES chiropractic can make you taller! It’s anatomy 101.  Take care of your spine, keep the joints and discs healthy and you can gain some height back.

At this point you may be asking, how much height can I get back? I’ve lost 3 inches can you find it for me? The answer to that question is no. The most I have seen in my practice is 3/4 of an inch restored. The human body is amazing!

If you would like help in preventing or restoring height loss give us a call at 773-545-9379.

Yours in Health,

Dr Bourdage



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