Why Do You Have Back Pain During Pregnancy?

Approximately two thirds of pregnant woman will experience back pain during their pregnancy, with many of these women having to take time off from work due to their discomfort. So you may wonder, why do you have back pain during pregnancy? There are a few possibilities for this pain and we’ll discuss them in this article.


During pregnancy the body releases certain hormones that create laxity or looseness in the ligaments. This process is to prepare the body for the delivery. Combine this laxity with added weight and change in center of gravity and an instability in the joints of the pelvis and lower back often occurs.

Weight Gain & Previous Injuries

With increased weight gain in the belly and breast areas comes more pressure and stress on the spinal joints and muscles that surround and protect our spine. This added stress often results in pain and discomfort. If there were previous injuries to these areas of the spine they can be aggravated by these new changes to the body.

As we know, our spinal health is correlated to how our nervous system is functioning. It is the mothers nervous system is helping the baby to develop and grow naturally and healthy. So, when a pregnant woman comes in with pain, of course I want to help her feel better as soon as possible, but my greater concern is keeping her nervous system as free from stress as possible so her baby can grow to be as healthy and strong as possible.

If you would like to learn more about how chiropractic can help both you and your baby during pregnancy, please call our office.

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