What Can I Do Naturally to Help My Allergies

My allergies are terrible this year, what can I do naturally to help my allergies? Let me answer this question by asking you a few questions, how come EVERYONE doesn’t suffer from allergies? How come some people get them and some don’t? How come some people get them in the fall and others in the summer?

The answer is it all depends on how your nervous system is adapting to the environment. For example, If I was to take a dirty, used bag out of my vacuum cleaner and dump it over your head what would happen? You better believe you will sneeze, cough, and have itchy, red runny eyes. It’s the body adapting to the environment. So, yes, this is extremely uncomfortable but it a normal response. In regards to environmental allergies your body’s immune system is over-reacting to what is going on around you.

Natural Things to Help You Feel Better

There are plenty of natural things you can do to feel better and help your body become more adaptable. Number one is of course to get adjusted. Keeping proper spinal alignment will help your body to work more efficiently and minimize the effects of seasonal allergies. Allergy season in Chicago can be quite intense for some people so it is important to keep your adjustment appointments during this time.

Also, we recommend a supplement called D-Hist which helps to modulate the histamine response through the use of natural herbs. The best part about D-Hist is that it won’t make you drowsy like some of the over-the-counter and prescription medications do.

So if you are suffering from allergies, make sure to let me know and I can help put you on a path to being allergy free!

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How often to you are you affected by allergies? What are some of the most common triggers for you? Leave comments below!



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