Chiropractic For All Ages

Thursday nights are my favorite night of the week… family adjustment night in the Bourdage household. After I arrive home, we eat dinner, hang out as a family and then before bed my 6 year old knows it’s adjustment night so she’ll say “Baba (Chinese for dad), time for our adjustments!”

Adjustment Night

I absolutely love this. We pull out our adjusting table (all chiropractors have an adjusting tale at home, by the way) and the oldest goes first. We have a system for our adjustment nights. I will check my oldest daughter, adjust her where necessary and then we hug and I tell her words of positive affirmation…things like, you are so healthy and strong, your body is a healing machine, you are amazing. The same kind of things I tell my patients in the office. It is so important to build kids up with strong and noble thoughts, how we speak to our kids is how they will speak to themselves when they are older. I ALWAYS want my kids to know that their bodies are amazing and capable of so much.
Next, my 2.5 year old jumps up onto the table and there is always plenty to adjust on her. She’s our child with no fear and the one who never stops moving. She’s always running, jumping, falling and going all out pushing her body to it’s limits day in and day out. All kids need to be checked by a chiropractor, but especially kids like this! Little bumps and bruises may not seem like a big deal to kids this age because they bounce right back, but that can add up on their little bodies and create problems as they get older.
Then it’s time to adjust my 10 month old. Her biggest issue is usually falling asleep in awkward positions in her car seat which can lead to neck restrictions. It’s imperative to keep these cleared out to help prevent ear infections as she gets older. She will be starting to walk soon and I read recently that when learning to walk the average child will fall up to 17 times an hour! Can you imagine if we fell that much as adults? We would be constantly in therapy to fix all the injuries.

Adult Time

Last, but no least, I adjust my wife. Being a mom is extremely hard work. It is physically, emotionally and spiritually challenging and that can take a toll on ones health. And as we all know, without a happy healthy mom, the whole house falls apart.
After everyone gets adjusted it’s time for bed and everyone sleeps wonderfully which always makes for a happy Friday morning!
Chiropractic is a family affair, if you have not ever had your kids checked in the office, bring them in and let’s see how we can help. Families that get adjusted together, stay together!
Yours in Health,
Dr. Steven Bourdage DC



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