Text Neck — Yes, it is a thing

Text Neck

I am seeing more and more people come into my office with neck pain and other symptoms associated with having too much stress on the neck and upper back. Things like headaches, fatigue, allergies, sinus issues and migraines. What concerns me, is the people coming in with these symptoms are younger than ever before.

Text neck is a big reason for such young people having these issues. Let’s dive into this topic of text neck more and explore why it is a problem and how we can prevent and fix it.

The forward head posture of looking at handheld devices for long periods of time puts chronic stress on muscles, joints, and discs of the spine. The added stress to these tissues leads to them breaking down over time. The average human head may weigh between 8-15lbs. For every inch your ear travels in front of your shoulder, the weight is magnified by 2x. So if your head is 10lbs and poor posture puts your head one inch forward, the weight your neck has to carry is 20lbs. Again, this may not sounds like a big deal, but add this up over days, months and years and it leads to a lot of wear and tear on your spine. Wear and tear leads to degeneration and long term damage to your spine and your health.

Text neck can be prevented by being aware of your body’s positioning and alignment while using your phone, computer and handheld devices. See the image included in the post.

If you are already suffering from health issues related to your neck and upper back we are here to help. Chiropractors can help restore normal alignment to your spine and train the muscles and soft tissues of the body to better adapt to the stresses of modern living. We can help get you feeling better and create a plan for a long term correction of your issues.

If you are a parent, it is important to have your children checked because now is the time when their body is developing the patterns it will have for the rest of their lives. Let’s establish a healthy pattern now to prevent negative health issues later in life.

Yours in Health,

Dr. Steven Bourdage DC



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