Tech Neck

Tech Neck is a thing. It’s the term being applied to all the health problems and issues associated with the chronic forward head posture that people are developing due to to much time spent on their devices while in a bad posture position.

A recent study published in Surgical Technology International Journal  discovered what chiropractors have been telling people for years. Forward head posture leads to increased stress on the spine causing early wear, tear, degeneration and higher chance of surgery later in life. They also found that good posture was associated with higher testosterone, increased serotonin and decreases in cortisol (stress hormone).

You have to pay attention to your posture while using your devices to limit your chances of developing Tech Neck. Limit the amount of time your kids are allowed to use devices as well. Because their spine and posture are still developing, you DO NOT want them to develop the forward head posture associated with Tech Neck.

In conclusion, your posture is so much more than how you look. Good posture literally means you are healthier and your body is functioning better. Check out my video review of this study:

Yours in Health,

Dr. Steven Bourdage DC



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