Success Stories

Chiropractic saved my life, and my daughter’s. Is that TOO bold of a statement to start with? We had a traumatic birthing experience, so it was no surprise that she had colic, projectile vomiting, and waking 3+ times per night. As for me, I had hit the brink of insanity, quite literally! After 3 suggestions to try chiropractic came to me in the same week, I gave it a shot. Within one month, I caught myself saying “she is just so sweet!” about my daughter, and suddenly I realized that I hadn’t said that in more than a year of her little life. Her health, mood, and ability to enjoy her days improved almost as dramatically as mine and everyone noticed a change. Before long, all eight moms in our playgroup and all eight of their babies were receiving chiropractic! Needless to say, I was adjusted all throughout my second pregnancy, and the birth was pure BLISS! All three of us maintain wellness with regular adjustments to this day!

– Seema C

Dr. Bourdage is not only a very skilled and knowledgeable chiropractor, he lives out what he believes. Because he is an athlete, he can answer questions about training, dealing with sports injuries, and how to adjust workouts. He helps you see things from a holistic perspective.

Our family has been treated by doctor Bourdage for over a year. He has helped us deal with many different issues and gotten us back to health.

– Greg D

What I can say about Dr. Bourdage and the Bourdage staff that means the world to me is that I trust them. They are not selling themselves, rather, the body’s ability to function and heal itself with proper care. They learned about my family through a friend and had heard all of the avenues we were searching out in order to help our young son who has autism, and they reached out to us! They are the genuine article in caring, compassion and knowledge of chiropractic, of course! I truly feel the difference after my adjustments; headache relief, neck and shoulder pain, stress, etc. My son with autism is making great strides, my daughter loves her adjustments for her headaches and gymnastics related pains, while my youngest son just loves all the ladies in the office! 🙂

– Dawn C

I am 6’4″, 250 lbs- not built to be a long distance runner, but it is something I have found that I love doing. Two years ago I was training for the Chicago Marathon, but had to drop out after training most of the summer due to injury. This year I trained again, but saw Dr. Bourdage for adjustments and along with massage therapy with Karen during my training and was able to complete my marathon in my best time. I am now a regular here and have a regular plan that will keep me running for many miles to come. Thanks Bourdage Chiropractic!

– Erik W

As good as it gets. Dr Steve is awesome!!! As is the staff. I could barely lift my arm prior to treatments. Now, I can do handstands, literally 🙂 Steve, being an athlete himself, knows the stresses we put on our bodies. Sometimes it can just be sleeping wrong and you end up with twitch. You know what I’m talking about…you wake up and you can’t move your head and you find yourself saying OW!!! They’ve gotten me in on short notice when a twitch arose.

The staff was also very helpful with getting outside MRI’s ordered and handling insurance.

Highly recommended!!!!

– Inga M

Dr. Bourdage has been an invaluable part of my wellness. As an individual who regularly engages in strenuous strength training, it is absolutely imperative that my body is in a healthy, balanced state. I had previously been plagued with hip dysfunction and injuries that had a catastrophic effect on my powerlifting training. However since seeing Dr. Bourdage for Chiropractic care and Karen for massage regularly, I have been injury and pain free! It has made a world of difference in my life and I am so grateful to Dr. B and his team. Not only is he knowledgeable regarding care for athletes, but he has greatly helped my mother as well. In the short time that she has been seeing him, she is walking better and it has significantly helped with her chronic pain. Doctor Steve is a wonderful person and practitioner and I would highly recommend him to anyone!

– Ellee C