Stay Healthy This Winter

It’s time to start preparing for winter. For many, the winter months become a time of hibernation, inactivity, excess consumption and unhealthy habits. This does not have to be the case. You are still either creating health or destroying health no matter what the weather is doing.  Winter is a great time to continue to build upon your health.

Have you ever wondered why the “cold and flu season” happens in the winter? Do you think it is because these cold and flu viruses are dormant and all of a sudden become active once it’s cold outside? No, these bugs are always around and always invading us, the difference is in the winter most people are run down, stressed and not following through on their healthy habits therefore making them more prone to becoming sick.

My Health Enhancers For Winter

Here is what I will be doing to prepare for and stay healthy this winter:

1) Get adjusted — Keeping your spine healthy and free of intereference is a great way to keep your body healthy and resistant against infection. A nervous system without stress is a nervous system that is adaptable to the health challenges of winter. I get adjusted on average once a week.

2) Get fresh air (even if it’s cold) — Most people are vitamin D deficient during the winter because you may go 3 months without ever seeing the sun! This is common, but it is not normal. Bundle up and go out side for a walk. Walking in the winter is actually a lot of fun! There are much less people out and about and you get to enjoy some silence and maybe even get to listen to the snow falling!

3) Take Vitamins D and C — We already talked about Vitamin D above as a way to stay healthy this winter. I add in extra Vitamin D and C in the form of vitamins to help give my immune system a natural boost to fight off the potential invaders.

4) Winter exercise — Try a new activity. Most people in the winter are not getting enough exercise. Besides going for a walk, try ice skating, sledding, snow shoeing, or skiing. Use the snow and cold as a chance to enjoy a sport or activity that can only be performed in the snow and cold. If the outdoors are not for you during this time, then make a commitment to try a new activity this winter. Try something that will get you excited and test your body in a new way.

5) Relax — Stress during the holidays and winter is normally at an all time high. RELAX! Take time for yourself, don’t over-spend, over-eat or over-drink. Have some fun, life is meant to be enjoyed.


The winter is a great time to supercharge your health! Follow the steps above and let this be not only your healthiest winter yet, let it be the springboard to your healthiest year EVER!



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