Posture Enforcer

Kids are spending more time than ever on portable electronic devices, and for good reason. The jury is out on how healthy or unhealthy this may be for their development and that is not with this article is about. What I want to talk about is how will this affect their posture!
If they look like the picture on the right, the answer is, it won’t! But, if they look like the picture on the left, we need to talk. This posture is a problem and i see it everywhere. Kids bodies are learning the patterns that they will utilize over the rest of their lives. It is important to create good, healthy patterns from an early age. Have you ever seen someone with ‘nursing home posture’? These are the older people who walk around looking at their feet because they cant life their heads up? Is it just me or does that kind of posture look exactly like the picture on the left? Of course it does, that was a rhetorical question.
It is possible to help people retrain their posture when they get older, but it is so much easier to avoid that all together and be proactive! Become a posture enforcer! Look, I’m a dad, I get it. Kids will think you are nagging or just being a pain in the butt…who cares! I promise they will thank you later when they are adults and the rest of their peers are walking around looking at their feet.
If you are already seeing these negative posture signs with your kids and you are in the Chicago, Skokie, Lincolnwood area, come see us and we can help break this pattern now!
Yours in Health,
Dr. Steven Bourdage DC



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