Into the Deep End

Since I was a kid I have always been afraid of the water and swimming. If the water was deeper than I was tall there was no chance in hell I’d go into it. We would take beach vacations as a kid and I was always content to sit on the beach and watch everyone else enjoy the water. As I got older I would start to venture into the water, but rarely would I go past the water being up to my chest. This blog post is about going into the deep end. What does this have to do with chiropractic you may be thinking? Please read on….

Last summer I took my kids camping. The campground had this amazing, blow up, water obstacle course in the middle of a lake. All the parents and kids were out there on it and they were having the time of their lives. Naturally, my kids wanted to go on it too. My 7 seven year old took off and swam her way all the way out to it. My 3 year old and her floaties wanted me to help her get out there. I reluctantly agree and the two of us began our way out. Half way there I realize I could no longer stand and would have to swim the other half. I freaked out and told my daughter we would have to turn around and watch her older sister from the beach area. The disappointment on her face was clear. I felt like a failure, both as a man and as a father. Right then and there I decided this had to change. I am a grown ass man who has this irrational fear since I was a kid and it was time to face it head on.

Time For Change

My wife and I immediately signed up for swim lessons. I sucked her into this too because she also is not much of a swimmer and we make a great team together. I thought it would be great for us to grow together as a couple.

Our first lesson the teacher meets us at the pool by the deep end and she said, “OK, let’s go jump in.”

“Wait, like right now, you want us to jump in?” I asked. “Into the Deep End?”

“Yes” she replied, “we can’t swim sitting here looking at the pool.”

It literally took me every ounce of courage I had to jump in. I was scared shitless! Something that may seem so simple to most people was me facing the longest held fear I’ve ever had.

I will spare you the long details of my progress. Today, 6 months after that first lesson I am swimming laps at the local pool on a weekly basis! Not only have I overcome my fear, I found a new hobby that I actually love! Sometimes it is as simple as “jump right into the deep end” to get you over your discomfort, fear and phobias. Face it head on.


This is very much like chiropractic for most people. Many people are afraid of chiropractic. It is unknown to them. They think they know about it from the stories they’ve heard from others so they never go see a chiropractor. And then one day they find themselves in crisis mode. They can’t move, go to work or care for their children because they are in so much pain. The medical world doesn’t have many options for people in this situation. They find themselves in my office facing a fear. After they see the AMAZING results chiropractic is famous for they realize not only is chiropractic awesome, but they should have been doing this all along!

If you are afraid of seeing a chiropractor for any reason, please jump into the deep end and come see me! Life is so much better when you are getting adjusted. You will have less pain, more energy, better digestion, less allergies, etc…

If I had a dollar for every patient who said to me, “I wish I started chiropractic a long time ago” I would have a large collection of one dollar bills!

Yours in Health,

Dr. Steven Bourdage



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