Immune System 101

Going back to school has always been my favorite time of year. Re-connecting with friends, new classes, new teachers, and limitless possibilities, what’s not to love?! This time of the year also begins the “cold and flu” season. Most people are spending more time indoors, stress levels are higher, and the weather is getting colder. This is a great time remember that our body is designed perfectly and getting sick is OK.

Many times the first sign of sickness is a fever. We talk about fevers a lot in our office because they are important. Fevers are one of the bodies first defense mechanisms to fight off a cold or flu. Germs can only survive at a certain temperature, and our body, with it’s innate intelligence recognizes the body is under attack and raises it’s core internal temperature. THIS IS A GREAT THING! Can you see why it does not make sense to try and lower the fever? Yes, being sick and feverish is very uncomfortable, but by allowing your body to heal itself and letting the fever run it’s course you will heal much faster.

Oftentimes, when we get sick it is because we were exposed to germs at a time when our immune system is worn down or under stress. You see, we are exposed to germs every single day, but we are not sick every day! Our immune system is equipped to handle these challenges. It is when we are stressed, overworked, and under nourished that our immune system cannot adapt and we get sick. It’s or bodies way of telling us to take a break. Listen to the signals your body gives you, they are there for a reason!



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