Chiropractor Shoveling Tips

Chiropractor Shoveling Tips

It’s that time of year here in Chicago…winter! Winter brings a weaker immune systems, vitamin D deficiency and injuries from falling on ice and shoveling. Here are some of my best chiropractor shoveling tips.

  1. Use a angled or bent shovel. This makes for less bending over while you are shoveling. Better biomechanics equals less chance of injury.
  2. Push the snow instead of lifting the snow. This takes you lower back out of the equation all together. This works best for the lighter snowfalls. If it is a wet heavy snow see my next tip.
  3. Bend with your knees, this way your legs are doing most of the work as opposed to your back muscles.
  4. Switch sides. If you are lifting and even if  you are pushing, switch your arms to help keep the load balanced over time. See the included video for an example.


    Stay well adjusted throughout the year from your chiropractor so when the snow fall comes you can laugh at it. You’ve been adjusted and you know this is just another workout for your strong healthy body.  Shovel safe my friends, see you in the office!

Yours in Health,

Dr. Steven Bourdage DC