Chiropractic for the Summer

Chiropractic is not seasonal, it’s a lifestyle habit to keep yourself healthy. But, chiropractic in the summer is a GREAT time to get started if you have been putting it off. Here are 5 reasons why seeing your chiropractor in the summer is great idea.

1) Increased Activity

If you are like me, you are way more active in the summer months than other seasons. Bike riding, walks, swimming, running, etc… When the weather warms up we innately head outside and start moving around more. After being couped up inside all winter and most of the spring you ave to make sure you “get the rust off” those joints before you start asking them to perform at their highest level. Chiropractic helps with that! Chiropractic is also great at helping to manage any over use injuries that may occur.

2) Allergies

Blooming plant life is beautiful to look at, but can wreck havoc on those that suffer from seasonal allergies. If this is you, you need a chiropractor! we have great success helping people fight off their allergies naturally.

3) Travel

Whether it’ by plane, train, automobile or boat, we tend to travel more in the summer months. Travel can be hard on the body. Travel results in more sitting than usual, sleeping on different beds, crossing many time zones and other factors. All of this can affect your health and how your body feels. Keeping your spine well adjusted will help to keep you more adaptable to these changes.

4) Gardening and Yard-work

These are two different activities but for the sake of this blog post I lumped them together. Both of these involve prolonged periods of bending over and/or lifting odd objects. I see so many people come in with aches and pains after a weekend of gardening or yard-work. Getting adjusted can help you feel better and heal from these pains. More important, is getting adjusted to prevent those aches and pains in the first place.

5) Sleep Better

The final reason to use chiropractic for the summer is because summer means longer days. Fr most people longer days means less deep, quality sleep. Getting adjusted helps your body and mind to unwind and relax easier which results in better sleep. One of the most common side effects people report to me once they start getting adjusted is that they are sleeping so much better!


You should be getting adjusted every season of the year for optimal health. These are just some of the reasons to utilize chiropractic for the summer. Happy Summer!!

Yours in Health,

Steven Bourdage DC



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