Chicago Chiropractor Talks Health

In the video below, this Chicago Chiropractor Talks Health. Ask anyone, “how do you get healthy?” The most common responses are eat better and exercise. Yes, these are important factors in health, but there is so much more to being healthy.

Many aspects of Health

Health is more than just feeling good, it is about functioning optimally. To be healthy you need to eat well, exercise, get adjusted, have positive thoughts, handle stress well, sleep, drink water, laugh, have a social connection and also a spiritual connection. If any of these factors are missing you are not as healthy as you could be.

You can have a perfect exercise routine and diet, but if you are stressed out, not sleeping and have crappy work/life balance you are not healthy. On the flip side of this coin is if you have perfect work/life balance, sleep great, loving relationships and never stress, but you don’t eat well or exercise you are not as healthy as you can be, but probably healthier than the first example I gave.


To truly get healthy, look beyond diet and exercise. Yes, they are important, but realize there is so much more that needs to be addressed. If you need help getting more healthy and are looking for guidance, I can help you. At my office in Chicago, not only do I provide chiropractic adjustments, I help with all aspects of health. I inquire about your stress, sleep, water intake, daily routines, happiness and so much more. I take a wholistic approach to healthcare. you are not just your symptoms, you are a complex organism with many different physical, chemical and emotional needs. It’s important to take all of that into account while helping you to clear the path to a healthier YOU!



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