Chicago Chiropractor Talks Exercise

In my office I discuss all aspects of health with my patients. One of the most popular topics that always comes up is exercise. In this blog post I’d like to talk exercise; exercise is a broad topic and there are many different ways to exercise. It is important that before you embark on an exercise program you take into consideration your current fitness level, age, injuries and other factors that you may have to work around.

Exercise is a great way to keep your body healthy and strong. Unfortunately, as Americans we do move our bodies enough or get enough exercise. I feel this is because most people assume that to get a good workout you need to go to the gym and spend an hour each time you are there to get an effective workout. This couldn’t be further from the truth! The key is to incorporate movement into your every day life. Whether it be taking the stairs instead of the escalator, parking further from the door at the grocery store, carrying your children instead of using a stroller, etc…

If you look around there are many opportunities to create more movement in your day. Now that the weather is getting nicer it is time to get outside. I use the summer months as a chance to get out of the gym and into nature. Activities like kayaking, biking, hiking, sprinting up hills, and other things that you maybe don’t get the chance to do during other times of the year. Do something new. When you challenge your body in new ways you become stronger and healthier.

Get outside and get moving. Do something new, learn a new skill, take your kids along and make it a family affair. Let me know in the comments what new ways you have come up with this summer to move your body!

Yours in Health,

Dr. Steven Bourdage



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