Why Chiropractors are Weird

Would you agree with me that Chiropractors are a strange bunch of people? Sometimes when I meet another chiropractor I have my defenses up because I’m not sure if they will be one of the weird ones. And when I say weird, I mean even more weird than I am. You may think it’s odd that a Chiropractor would write a blog post titled “Why Chiropractors are Weird” so please read on. Here are my top 3 reasons for the weirdness:

  1. Chiropractors realize the human body is self healing. Many years ago I once broke my wrist falling off of my bike. The doctor put a cast on my arm and 6 weeks later after he took it off I was “magically” healed. Did the cast heal my broken bone? No it did not, it just held it in place while my body did all the healing. This self healing ability exists and is the most powerful force in nature, no computer can recreate it.
  2. We don’t freak out when we are sick. I have not taken one single antibiotic in my adult life. This does not mean I have never been sick. On the contrary, I’ve been sick as a dog at times, but because of reason #1, I give my body rest, fluids, and more rest until I heal. The more you allow your body to fight infections naturally, the stronger your body will be.
  3. I get adjusted on a regular basis. Do I do this because I am in pain? No I do not. I do this because a healthy spine allows my body to have good communication with my brain and visa versa via the spinal cord and nerves. Better communication means better function: ie: More energy, better digestion, more mental focus, better sleep and countless other benefits…and oh yea, less pain.


I realize these thoughts are very different than how the majority of people think, and because of that, people who think and act this way are weird. If knowing these truths makes me weird, I am VERY OK with that! There is a lot of money out there in having people think that their bodies are broken and that their bodies need more drugs or less organs (it’s not working right? Let’s take it out!)

We were designed perfectly. We don’t need more help, most of the time what we really need is just a reset. Get some rest, Hit Ctrl-Alt-Del with an adjustment and come back even better and stronger than you were before.

Yours in Health,

Dr. Steven Bourdage DC



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