Invest in Your Health

Recently I was reviewing X-rays with a new patient who was having a lot of health challenges. I found the cause of her problems and was explaining this to her. After reviewing what we need to do to correct her problem we talked about the finances of what it would cost. She sat in silence thinking about it for a while and then she said to me, “I just spent tens of thousands of dollars on renovating my house, why wouldn’t I invest some money into my health?” What a breakthrough moment that is!

This got me to thinking, we spend about 8-12 hours a day in our house, and most of that is spent sleeping. We spend 24 hours a day in our body. Most people invest their time, energy and money into their house. I’m not saying this is wrong, but what I am saying is that it is imperative to invest time, energy and money into your body and your health. If you lose your house you can always find another place to live. The same can’t be said for your body.

Cost of Health Vs. Cost of Sickness

It is always more affordable to stay healthy than it is to fight or correct sickness or disease. For example, A spinal fusion surgery can cost upwards of $100,000. I have helped so many people avoid surgery through chiropractic care that costs a mere fraction of what a surgery costs. Money spent on improving your health is an investment, not an expenditure!

Every month I spend money on a gym membership, a monthly massage, weekly adjustments, and vitamins and supplements. Of course, this adds up over time, but I understand the value of having a healthy body and I realize by staying healthy everyone and everything in my life benefits!

Change your mind set about health. Think about where you are investing your dollars. Like my wonderful patient above stated, “Why wouldn’t you invest in yourself?” Your health truly is your greatest asset!

Invest in YOU

Invest in YOU



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