Surgery Avoided

Matt went to the ER twice in one day because he was in so much pain and unable to function. The doctor’s told him he needed surgery and gave him heavy duty pain killers.  Luckily, Matt felt like he should have other options besides surgery. Matt was referred to our office by one of his friends who had great results with Chiropractic care.

Fast forward to 3 months later: Through a series of adjustments and exercises Matt is pain free and back to his normal regimen of exercising and calisthenics. Healing is a process, and Matt did a great job with all of the “homework” we gave him to do in between our visits.

Healing is more than just physical…It’s emotional as well. Even when Matt was feeling better, the confidence in his back was still lacking. We helped him to rebuild that as well during the healing process and now he his back to living his life 100%. To truly heal it needs to happen on both a physical and mental/emotional level.

There are some cases were surgery may be necessary. I am not anti-surgery. It is imperative to seek a second opinion and try non-invasive methods of healing before surgery becomes an option. Chiropractic is drug and surgery free. Our methods are safe, effective and gentle.

Have you avoided surgery because of chiropractic? If so, share your story with us below.



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