Spinal Health and Height

Astronaut Scott Kelly returned to Earth recently after being in space for a year! One of the headline grabbing topics when he returned was that he gained 2 inches in height during his time away! How incredible is that? You may wondering what that has to do with chiropractic? Let’s talk about it:

Being in a low gravity situation allowed his discs to rehydrate fully therefore extending the height of his spinal column. Until they figure out a way to allow us normal people to vacation in space, many people feel this is just a nice story that illustrates how amazing the human body is.

The fact of the matter is there is a lot we can learn from this. A healthy spine with healthy discs is the key to not only maintaining your height as we age, but also to keeping your spine healthy and strong for years to come! It’s not uncommon that once someone begins chiropractic they tell me that at their yearly physical they have gained up to 1/2 an inch in height. This is because the discs are becoming healthier and stronger as a result of their treatments.


The disc is the material between the spinal bones. This material does not have a blood supply. This means the discs get their nutrients through hydration. Over time the discs can lose hydration and become smaller and weaker. This often time leads to degenerative changes in the spine.


As a corrective chiropractor in Chicago, my job it to help you keep your spine and discs as healthy as possible so that as you age, your spine stays limber, flexible and upright! I have a joke here in the office that as you get older, your spine will get younger once you are under chiropractic care! You will not gain 2 inches of height like Scott Kelly did, but we can help keep you from losing any height!

Here is a link to the story: 2 Inches Taller



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