Restoring Your Posture With Chiropractic

I’d like to share a success story with you that occurred with one of our patients here in the office. It is very often that I am asked if “Restoring your posture with chiropractic is possible or not?” This particular case will demonstrate that not only does chiropractic restore your posture, it can change your life!

Maurice started with us 3 months ago. Everytime he lifted weights he would get severe headaches to the point that it caused him to stop working out. This was very stressful to him because exercising is something that is very important to Maurice.

Upon examination we discovered that his neck was not in proper alignment. He had lost the normal curvature that should be present in the neck. This not only leads to a forward head posture, but it puts a tremendous amount of stress and tension in the tissues around the head and neck.  We created a plan of action to correct his alignment…fast forward to 3 months later and not only did we help restore normal structure and motion to his neck, he is back in the gym and he is feeling better than ever!

Before and After X-rays

On the left side we see the initial X-rays obtained. We see a loss of the curvature in the neck. On the right side is the post X-ray which was taken 3 months after the initial X-ray. A deep C shaped curve is now seen, which means better posture, less pressure and tension in the muscles, and most importantly NO PAIN! Because we corrected the underlying problem that was causing his pain, we also laid a great foundation to prevent future episodes of more pain and problems.

From no curve to perfect curve
From no curve to perfect curve

In Conclusion

In most instances pain is related to the structure of your body. If the structure is damaged or abnormal it results in pain and dysfunction. If you have been suffering from pain, or if you notice your posture is changing in a direction you are not happy with, please call us and let’s see how we can help you in restoring your posture with chiropractic.

Yours in Health,

Dr. Bourdage



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