Kids and Chiropractic

Kids and chiropractic is a topic that many people don’t realize go together. Just the other day I was adjusting a patient of mine and he saw in the next room a parent with her kids and the kids were patiently lying on the table waiting for me. He asked me, “Why do kids get adjusted, do they have back pain?”

Yes, sometimes kids can have back pain or injuries, but most of the kids in my practice are here for other reasons. Kids have spines just like adults, and if you have a spine it needs to be taken care of. During childhood, kids are growing so rapidly and more than ever there is a lot of stress, both physically and mentally on them. It is imperative to maintain a healthy spine and nervous system through the young years to ensure they are as healthy as possible.

Newborns and Chiropractic

A lot of parents bring their kids in right after birth. The birthing process alone can put a lot of stress on their little delicate spines. There have been many studies that demonstrate these effects and the causes they have on the babies development. Follow this link to be directed to these many studies: Birth Trauma Studies – Chiropractic

Toddlers and Chiropractic

The toddler time frame is a great time to have your child checked by a chiropractor. During this time there is great cognitive, emotional and social development happening. They are learning to walk and getting into everything, which means lots of falls, bumps and bruises along the way. Chiropractic is a great, natural and gentle way to ensure we manage those physical stresses to the body.

Grade Schoolers and Chiropractic

Whether you have an athlete or a book worm on your hands, this is when most people bring their kids into our office. With the modern demands of many hours spent sitting at a desk studying or on computers, there is a lot of stress and strain to those young spines at this age. If your child is involved in sports we offer safe and effective ways to manage and correct injuries. Many kids at this age just need to get that extra advantage in both their school work and extracurricular activities and there is no better way to do that than having a healthy and aligned spine and nervous system.

In conclusion, kids of all ages have been benefiting from chiropractic care in our office. To see how we may potentially help your child give us a call to schedule a consultation.



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