How Often Do Chiropractors Get Adjustments?

“How Often Do Chiropractors Get Adjustments?”. Fun question to think about, right? Well, if you found this page you wouldn’t be the only curious one out there. I actually have patients come to my office all the time, practically a weekly basis, with the same “Hey Doc, how often do you get adjusted” line.

I can honestly say that, on average, I’ve been adjusted every two weeks since my days at chiropractic school. This of course is just an average, sometimes it may be 1 – 2 times in the same week, other times I’ll go 3 weeks between adjustments.

The Follow-Up

I usually then get a follow up question like, “Wow, do you have a lot of pain?”. The answer may be surprising, I have no pain! I get my adjustments to keep my body functioning at an optimal level. I know that when my spine is aligned and free of subluxations, my nervous system and body can heal and function at the highest levels possible.

As mentioned previously, some weeks I get adjusted more frequently. There are various reasons for this, it could be that I’m under increased stress or I may feel my body coming down with something and I know my immune system needs a boost. Other times I’ve had a physical week in the gym or while playing hockey and I know that having an adjustment to take stress of my spine will help to keep spinal damage away. Occasionally, I may experience low energy for a day or two, this is always a tell tale sign that it is time for my adjustment.

There are many reasons to get adjusted, and while the main reason people come to my office is because of pain, most people realize how much better they feel and function while under chiropractic care. Going to a chiropractor for only pain relief is like going to a fancy coffee shop and ordering only a black coffee…yes it will be good, but you will be missing out on so much more that is offered!

Your Turn

Now that you know how often I get adjusted, lets hear from you! How often do you get adjusted? Does pain bring you into the chiropractor or do you listen to other queues from your body? Share your comments below!



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