Does Health Insurance Cover Chiropractic?

For today’s topic we’ll dive into the question “Does Health Insurance Cover Chiropractic”. Each insurance policy can be very different, but the short answer to this questions is yes. Most health insurance plans do cover chiropractic care. Most PPO policies include some form of coverage. HMO policies require you to have a referral from your primary medical doctor and then the HMO will have coverage if the chiropractor is affiliated with that particular group. In our office we do not accept HMO plans.

As a courtesy to our patients we will verify your insurance coverage before any services are rendered so you will know exactly what is covered. Health insurance is forever changing these days so it is important to let our office know if there have been changes to your policy. It is also important for you as the policy holder to stay up to date with changes as they occur.

There are different types of coverage available for chiropractic. Some policies have a flat copay per visit and others have a coinsurance, which means the patient is responsible for a percentage of the services provided. In some cases a policy may have both a copay and a coinsurance percentage. Some policies have a deductible and some don’t. The world of insurance can be very confusing, so if you have questions about your insurance we will be more than happy to help.

We also take care of many patients that do not have any health insurance. If this is the case please know that chiropractic care is very affordable, especially when compared to other forms of healthcare. If you are interested in learning more about our office and your insurance benefits available, please call us at 773-545-9379 to schedule a complimentary consultation and we can get all of your questions answered.

Your Turn

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