Do You Need to See the Chiropractor Forever

Have you ever heard that you need to see the chiropractor forever? Of course you have, EVERYONE has heard this before! Let’s examine this at a deeper level.

Most people who do seek out a chiropractor to help them feel better, CHOOSE to continue seeing the chiropractor on some sort of level for the rest of their life. In no way are chiropractors strong arming people and forcing them to do this. People like to feel good, healthy and strong so they make that decision on their own.

Another misconception is that people continue to see the chiropractor because the pain they are experiencing is only temporarily relieved by a chiropractic adjustment. Therefore, the pain keeps returning and that is why the person will see the chiropractor forever. This again, is false information. See the previous paragraph, people choose to continue because they feeling and functioning at their best!

Chiropractic is a Habit, Like exercise

A good comparison in regards to the question of, do you need to see the chiropractor forever, is to think of it like exercise. Let’s say you set a goal to lose 50lbs so you begin an exercise program. A year later you did it, you lost the 50lbs and you feel AWESOME! Do you all of a sudden stop exercising because you are where you want to be? Of course not, that would be silly. You keep exercising to maintain the progress you made, maybe you even set a new goal like running a marathon or triathlon. This is exactly how chiropractic works.

Most people who first come to Bourdage Chiropractic do so because they are in pain or facing a health challenge that is interfering with their everyday life. We help them feel better and get back to the activity they had been missing. Would this be the time to stop getting adjusted? Most people chose to continue and even set new goals of what they would like to accomplish with their health and bodies! I love working with “maintenance” patients because we are no longer focusing on pain or symptoms, but we are now focusing on what else is possible for them…performance type of goals.

In conclusion, you are free to use chiropractic services however you’d like, but I always recommend getting adjusted for life so you can stay as healthy and strong as possible, for as long as possible!

Yours in Health,

Dr. Steven Bourdage DC



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