Do something different in 2014

When I was an intern in chiropractic school, I used to adjust an elderly gentleman in his late 80’s who was in phenomenal shape! He was agile, trim, active, and mentally very sharp. I asked him what his secret was to staying so healthy and happy. His answer was this: “I have been getting adjusted regularly for over 50 years and I make sure learn something new every year.” Being in chiropractic school I already understood the importance of adjustments (and I hope you do to) so I questioned him further. I asked him to give me an example and tell me what he was doing this year that was new. He told me “this year was really exciting because he was learning to play the drums and he had always wanted to do that since childhood!” He then told me “sometimes he would stick with his new adventure and sometimes not, it all depended on if he was having fun doing it or not!”

Ever since hearing that story I have made that my philosophy too, so every year I do something different because I like to stretch my comfort zone. One of my favorite sayings is, “growth happens at the end of your comfort zone” and if you are not growing, that means you are shrinking!

So every year I choose a new adventure to participate in. It is usually physical in nature, but doesn’t have to be. In 2010 I competed in an Olympic weightlifting competition, In 2011 I committed to riding a century, which is a 100 mile bike ride in one day! In 2012 I entered and competed in a powerlifting meet. In 2013 I ran a spartan race and I joined a hockey team and started playing the sport I haven’t played since I was in High School. I have also been learning Mandarin which is taking a lot longer than a year as you could imagine! I am not telling you this to impress you, I am telling you because it is possible for all of us to learn new things and get uncomfortable! Every time you perform a new activity or sport your brain builds new connections, your body changes, and you ultimately become a better, more rounded, healthier person.

So whether it is learning to golf, play the guitar, take an imrpov class, or join a new group…make 2014 the year you do at least one new thing! Do something that scares you, it will make your year more fun and ensure you are making the most of your life!



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