Chiropractor Talks Bowel Movements

Let’s talk about poop. You may think it’s weird that a chiropractor talks bowel movements, but it actually comes up often in my office. In particular, I have two stories I’d like to share with you. One is about a 3-month-old baby and the other is about a man in his fifties. Both stories involve poop so follow along with me.

Chiropractic and Babies

Earlier this month a mother brought in her 3 month old baby because the baby was having a lot of gas and was only having a bowel movement once every five days. After some questioning I learned this mother was already doing an AWESOME job. The baby was still nursing, the mom had been doing belly massages for the baby, the mom even changed her diet to see if it would help the baby and still no changes. I examined the baby and found some areas of the spine that did not have the movement they should. I did some very light, specific adjustments and sent them on their way. The next week when they returned the mom informed me the baby had 3 bowel movements in one week! That is a huge improvement! No on should only be pooping once every five days, especially a 3 month old baby. I am continuing to work with this wonderful family to get the baby fully back to 100%.

Chiropractic and Older Men

A man I’ve been adjusting for many years who is in overall good health came in complaining of not having a bowel movement in 4 days along with some mild low back pain which was a new complaint for him. After I examined him I found subluxations in his middle to lower spine. I adjusted those areas which do send nerves to the stomach. We had a great adjustment which resulted in a lot of spinal movement. That movement took pressure off the nerves allowing his stomach and digestive organs to work normally.

Later in the day he emailed to say 20 minutes after he left he was on the toilet pooping!

How Does Chiropractic Help You Poop

If you have spinal stress or restrictions in your spine they can interfere with the nerves in that area. Many areas of the spine throughout the middle and lower back have nerves that control our digestion and elimination. Therefore, adjustments to these areas if needed relieve the nerve pressure allowing the organs to function at their best. The human body is really amazing. Sometimes it doesn’t need help, it just needs removing of interference.

I am not telling you these stories to make myself sound like a hero. The truth is far from that. I’m just the guide in these stories. The two individuals healed themselves once we removed the interference to their bodies. The human body is designed to work perfectly and in a healthy way. When there is interference to these systems in the form of subluxations (spinal misalignments) the body does not work as it is designed.

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If you need help pooping, you should get checked by a chiropractor and see if your problem may be spinal in nature. If you are in Chicago or Lincolnwood, give me a call at 773.545.9379

Yours in Health,

Dr. Steven Bourdage DC



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