Chiropractic X-rays

Chiropractic X-rays

“Why do Chiropractors take X-rays?” is a common question I get asked in my office here in the Sauganash neighborhood of Chicago. Chiropractic X-rays are often times necessary to evaluate your spinal health, alignment, and spinal condition so that I can decided what is the best course of action to take regarding your health.

In the above video I discuss a specific case where a gentleman came into my office with neck pain that started that morning. He stated he never had neck pain before, but he slept in a funny position and woke up with neck pain. Upon examination I determined taking X-rays was clinically necessary to get more information about what was causing his pain. He did not want to do the X-rays, he just wanted an adjustment.

After explaining to him that I did not want to guess with his health and that the X-rays were necessary to move forward he agreed.  It turns out he had metastasized cancer that had traveled to the bones of his neck. Meaning, he had cancer somewhere in his body that had spread to the point that it was now in his neck bones. If I would have adjusted this gentleman he could have had serious problems after. It is critical to have chiropractic X-rays taken when working with the spine as it a very important structure in the human body. The spine plays many different roles in ones overall health and well-being.

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