Chiropractic Success Story

Recently I had a new patient come into the office with ocular migraines. An ocular migraine can effect your vision in a serious way before they may turn into a full blown migraine. This particular patient would see flashing lights and lines in his vision that were very disruptive to his everyday life. He had seen every specialist imaginable looking for relief. After 2 years of searching for relief he finally ended up in my office grasping for anything to help him get his life back. He was starting to take time off from work due to the visual changes he was experiencing and that was no longer acceptable to him.

After examination and X-rays we discovered he had lost the normal curvature of the cervical spine and he also had multiple subluxations in his neck. A subluxation is an area of misalignment in the bones of the neck. Even more so, motion study x-ray revealed his bones and joints in the neck did not have proper motion or mobility. All of this was creating a great amount of stress on his body and to the nerves in that area. Irritation to the nerves was creating his occular migraines. With all of the specialists that he had seen in the past, no one ever examined his neck!

After 4 weeks of adjustments and postural training this young man was back to 100%! Not only does he no longer have occular migraines anymore, but he has his life back as well!

Chiropractic success stories like this are commonplace in our office. Many times when people come to my office, it is after they have spent a lot of time, money on energy searching for results. We are often people’s “last resort”. I hear it all the time, “Well nothing else has worked so I guess now I will try the chiropractor.” I look forward to the time when people realize if they see the chiropractor FIRST they can save a lot of time, energy and money and get the results that they expect. If someone comes into my office and I feel I cannot help them, I would point them in the right direction of someone who could.

Have you been suffering? Do you feel like you have lost hope? Are you not getting the answers you are looking for? If so, it’s time to try chiropractic! If you are in Chicago, give me a call, 773-545-9379.



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