Chiropractic Spine Correction

Below is a Chiropractic Spine Correction achieved at our office. The patient is a young 16 year old woman who came in with the complaint of upper back and neck tightness, but more important to her was that her shoulders were not level which effected her posture and appearance. 

After three months of visits together these were the results we achieved. Not only did we decrease the sideways curvature in her spine, her posture is MUCH better and her symptoms are all but gone!

I am glad she decided to seek chiropractic help because if she did not there is chance this would have become worse as she got older leading to worse posture and worse health challenges. This area of the spine is responsible for sending nerves to vital organs such as the lungs, heart, gallbladder and stomach.


Chiropractic Spine Correction
Chiropractic Spine Correction

When she began care the sideways curvature was 9.9 degrees. After a series of adjustments and specific posture exercises we were able to reduce the curve to 5.2 degrees! This may not be a perfect zero degrees, and it may never get to zero degrees, but improvement is all we were looking for. It may not sound like much numerically, but this is a great result and has life changing possibilities!



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