Chiropractic for Athletes

Jordan Spieth thanks his chiropractor after win!
Jordan Spieth thanks his chiropractor after win!

Twenty-one year old golf phenomenon Jordan Spieth won his 2nd major golf tournament June 21 in Washington. Less than 15 golfers in history have ever won two major tournaments in the same year (there are four each year), let alone at the young age of 21. After winning the Master’s tournament in April, Jordan thanked the four most important members of his team in his victory speech. The group included his swing coach, trainer, caddie, and chiropractor.

Many people may assume the benefits he receives from chiropractic adjustments is to keep his back loose and his muscles relaxed. The fact of the matter though is that it is so much more than that! Every adjustment has been proven to decrease the stress and tension of your nervous system thereby reducing stress hormones! Research of the adjustment proves a benefit to overall focus, concentration, hand-eye coordination, reflexes, muscle strength and recovery. Not only are these important for a professional level golfer, they help everyone to perform better. Whether you are doing crossfit, running your first 5k, or are a professional athlete, you perform better with a chiropractor on your team.

Chiropractic for athletes can come in all different shapes and sizes. In our office we work with a lot of young school aged athletes who are looking to stay healthy and improve their game as much as possible.

Has chiropractic helped you to perform at a higher level? If so, share your experience with us!



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