Chiropractic and Vertigo

I had a patient come to see me for his lower back pain, but during his consultation it came to my attention that he was also suffering from vertigo for the past 3 years. He was not as concerned with his vertigo as he was his lower back pain because he thought there was nothing that could be done to correct it. He knew chiropractors fix back pain, but didn’t think vertigo was a “chiropractic issue” He had already been evaluated by the “specialists” and was given no answers.

One of my early mentors in Chiropractic taught me to always offer your patients hope. I know I have had many patients with vertigo get better, so I asked him if he would mind if I worked on improving his vertigo too? “Sure doc, just help me to feel better” was his response. After a careful examination I discovered not only did he have subluxations (vertebrae out of alignment) in his lower back, but he had a subluxation in his neck too. We got him set up on a treatment plan and after two weeks of adjustments, voila!! No more lower back pain or vertigo! He was amazed! For the first in many years he was able to check his blind spots while driving without getting dizzy!

Form Effects Function

Any time there is a mis-alignment or restriction in the spine it causes stress to the body. In this particular case, the subluxation in the cervical spine was causing vertigo. After specific spinal adjustments were applied, the vertigo disappeared. The best part of this story is that this patient has been vertigo free for over one year now! That is the power of chiropractic and a healthy spine and nervous system.

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