Chiropractic and Knees

I love sharing success stories, here is one about a knee. A practice member who I’ve known for a while came in one day and was very stressed and concerned. After we got to talking she told me her knee was really bothering her and it was preventing her from working out. Working out is her life, she is in amazing shape and trains at least 4-5 days a week with intensity. She said she was at her wits end with her knee and was getting ready to see an orthopedic surgeon. I took a look at her knee and was able to diagnose what was going on.

There were muscular imbalances around the joint causing the knee to pull and function in a way that was causing a lot of stress to the outside part of the knee. Also, the fibular head was mis-aligned. After giving her my diagnosis I said the good news is, this is correctable.

We began our treatment plan and being as motivated as she was to get back to the gym, she felt it was not improving fast enough. Even after I encouraged her to stay the path because healing takes time, she went for an MRI that was ordered by the orthopedic doctor. The MRI results showed some inflammation and that was all. Structurally, her knee was intact. Being that this did not satisfy her, the orthopedic doctor recommended that they can do an exploratory surgery. This is where he would surgically go into the knee to look around and see if anything was wrong.

Well that scared the you know what out of her. No way did she want to have a surgery. So she came back to our office and I said let’s get back to what we were doing. 4 weeks later she was back in the gym and without restrictions in her activity!

There are two lessons to be learned in this story.

1) Healing always takes time. It takes time for injuries and sickness to develop so be patient during the healing process.

2) Chiropractic and knees along with other extremities are often treated in my office with great success. The best way to heal any injury is to get to the root cause of why the injury exists in the first place, and then work on correcting that.

Have you had success with a knee injury being treated with chiropractic? If so, share your story below.



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