Chiropractic and Extremities

Many people believe that chiropractic works only for spinal issues. Chiropractors are experts and locating and correcting subluxations (areas of stress) to the spine, but we are also trained to work with extremities as well. Chiropractic and extremities such as ankles, knees, wrists and shoulders work great together.

Extremity joints have many different factors associated with them. Ligaments, tendons, muscles, capsules and cartilage. If someone is suffering from an acute, new injury it is imperative to restore normal motion to the injured joint as soon as possible to prevent scar tissue from forming and creating more of a long term problem.

If someone has been suffering from a long term extremity injury, or has been told they need a surgery, it is critical that they receive a second opinion from a non-surgical specialist, like a chiropractor.

Knee Surgery Avoided

Recently, I had a patient come to my office because she was told she needed a knee surgery to repair a torn meniscus. She came to me for a second opinion. After evaluating her I discovered her hip and pelvis on the same side was rotated therefore adding additional stress to her knee joint. Because this was going on for a while and it was creating a lot of wear and tear on her knee joint. The interesting thing about this situation is that if this women had the surgery, yes her knee would feel better…for a while. But, since the underlying cause of the knee pain would not have been fixed, the pain would have returned…and most likely even worse.

After a series of adjustments, and training her body to have her hip and pelvis stay in alignment, along with adjustments to her knee, we were able to help her avoid surgery and heal. She is now walking upwards of 5 miles a day without any issues.


If you, or someone you know is suffering from pain or dysfunction in an extremity joint, or if you have been told you need surgery, please make an appointment to see us. I am not just an expert in regards to the spine, I am an expert with all of the joints in the body!



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