Chicago Chiropractor Talks Sitting

Chicago Chiropractor Talks Sitting

Sitting is the new smoking. This statement is buzz-worthy at the moment, and for good reason. The newest research is showing us how detrimental sitting actually is to our health. Read on as this Chicago Chiropractor Talks Sitting further.

You probably even innately already know this without the help of science. When you sit for log hours on end, how do you feel? Usually the answer is not very good. Lethargic, tight, sore, sleepy, achy and many other negative adjectives come to mind. Sitting goes against the design of the human body. We are designed to move, leap, bound, run, jump, skip and lift, not sit in one position for hours on end staring at a screen.

When you sit you are essentially turning off your glutes (the largest and strongest muscles in our body) and circulation to and from your lower extremities. Muscles get weak, tight and sore while our body starts to adapt the rounded shoulders and forward head posture. Over time your body will assume the position in which it spends the most time, which in this case ends up looking the letter C. Don’t let this become you!

Healthy Sitting Tip

In future blog posts and videos we will talk more about how to sit in a healthy way when you have to sit. For now though, let’s first focus on sitting less. We sit while at work, driving, eating, watching TV, and while waiting. On average Americans sit 13 hours a day. I want you to eliminate all NON-ESSENTIAL sitting in your day. Look at your daily routine, I bet there is a ton of optional sitting happening. Stop that and watch how much better your body will feel and how much more energy you will have.

Yours in Health,

Dr. Steven Bourdage DC



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