Chicago Chiropractor Talks Performance

Mike S. was a patient who came in with shoulder pain that was inhibiting his strength training program. I’d like to share his success story with you. Read on as this Chicago Chiropractor Talks Performance.

Mike is a high level kettlebell athlete. He competes internationally and he is an amazing athlete. When he first came in to our office he was having shoulder pain that was inhibiting him from performing certain movements. Upon examination it was discovered that a tendon in his shoulder was inflamed and damaged causing his pain. In addition to that his middle back had spinal restrictions impeding the movement in his shoulder which ultimately is what resulted in the tendon issue. Also, his pelvis was misaligned with one side being much higher than the other. I started Mike on adjustments to fix the above mentioned issues and also had him modify his training. I told him, like I tell all my active patients, staying active will help you heal faster, we just need to work around the current issues.

Fast forward to one month later and not only is Mike back at it 100%, but he competed in a local event here in Chicago at Evolution Fitness, he set a personal best record in his event! Mike continues to receive chiropractic, not because he is in pain, but because he realized his body performs so much better when his spine is free of stress and tension.

This is much further reaching than even athletic performance. I also work closely with many members of the Chicago Lyric Opera. Opera singers literally use their body as their instrument, and a high functioning body is a top priority for them. Have you ever been to the opera? These professional singers are absolutely amazing! I have been fortunate to work with over 20 of the professional singers from the opera house.

Performance comes in many different forms and varies based on individual needs. How are you performing? It may not be athletics or singing, but maybe you’re a teacher, stay at home mom, or in the professional world….it doesn’t matter. We all need to perform in some manner. Let us help you perform at your best!

Yours in Health,

Dr. Steven Bourdage DC

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