Chicago Chiropractic Office Helps Wrist Pain

Many people don’t think to call the chiropractor when they are having wrist pain. Here at our Chicago Chiropractic Office we help wrist pain quite commonly. Everyone knows chiropractors are great helping with neck pain, back pain and headaches. What most people don’t know is we help with so much more!

Wrist Anatomy

The wrist is a complex structure that has many bones, muscles, ligaments and nerves associated with it. When you are having pain in your wrist, it is important to examine the wrist itself, but also critical to look at the elbow and shoulder. Many times wrist pain occurs as a result of something happening at these others joints.

I have seen many cases in my office where someone has had long standing wrist pain and they received physical therapy, injections, etc… to the wrist itself with no relief. They visit us and we start working on their elbow and shoulder and the wrist pain relieves! This is very common and the importance of checking the other joints cannot be overstated.

Common Issues

Carpal tunnel is the most well known diagnosis of the wrist. This condition is often the first thing people think of once they start having wrist pain, but this is not accurate. Carpal tunnel is characterized by pain, achiness, numbness/tingling and in severe cases, even weakness in the hand. If you do experience numbness/tingling it is in the thumb, index and middle fingers. If you are experiencing symptoms in the pinky and ring finger this is something called cubital tunnel syndrome, which is different than carpal tunnel.


If you are suffering from wrist pain and you are sick and tired of it interfering with your everyday activities, please give us a call so we can help get you feeling better and get your problem truly corrected!

Dr. Steven Bourdage DC



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