Cancelled Surgeries

One of my favorite things to hear from a patient is that they cancelled an upcoming surgery they had scheduled. I typically hear this 4-8 weeks after someone has started chiropractic care at our office. There are times when surgery is the only option depending on the scenario. But, oftentimes surgery can be avoided with other options like chiropractic.

Let me share this great success story that happened recently in our office. A young boy we will call Gabe who is 6 years old had a scheduled appointment to get tubes in his ears 3 months from the date of this story. His parents were telling me this while they were having their adjustments. I asked them to bring him in next time and I could take a look to see if there was anything I could do to help.

Upon examination of Gabe and questioning of him and his parents I discovered that he had multiple ear infections over the last year. The medical approach was to give him antibiotics each time. After the third ear infection that’s when the Medical Doctor recommended surgical intervention.

I decided since we had 3 months until the surgery, let’s see what we could do to get this little guy healthier and stronger. The approach taken up to this point was to treat the infection. Medicine is great at treating problems! Modern medicine drops the ball when it comes to prevention and health improvement. This is where chiropractic shines!

We got Gabe on some high-quality supplements to help support his immune response, we helped boost his good bacteria levels which were wiped out by the numerous antibiotics, and we started a course of adjustments to keep his spine and body stress free. Less stress on the body means more energy for the body to work on other processes.

After a month of care his mom stated he was doing so much better that they cancelled his surgery. Their MD agreed that if he does not have any more ear infections the surgery would not be needed. Success!

Stories like this are not uncommon at our office. Like I said earlier, sometimes surgery is necessary. I will always work with my patients to determine the best course of action. IF chiropractic is not the right option for your case, I will let you know and help point you in the right direction. If you have been told you need surgery, have you explored other options? Do you know that you have other options? Chiropractic to the rescue!

Yours in Health,

Dr. Steven Bourdage DC



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