Can I Adjust My Own Spine?

Patients will often ask “Can I adjust my own spine?”, or they’ll tell me that they tried to adjust themselves to temporarily feel better. They also wonder if it’s okay for them to self-adjust for temporary relief. The answer is NO! It is not OK to self-adjust yourself and I will explain why in this article.

First, if you feel the need to self-adjust that means there is instability in that area that needs to be checked out. Oftentimes when an area is feeling tense, tight or in pain it feels good to get the audible release that an adjustment creates. The problem with that is when you self-adjust, you are moving many and all bones in the area…this includes bones or joints that don’t need to be adjusted. When you adjust bones that don’t need to be adjusted this can lead to spinal joints becoming unstable or hypermobile, which then leads to more problems down the road. This is why when I ask people “do they feel the need to self-adjust more and more” they always answer yes. They are making the problem worse, not better.

Secondly, the need to self-adjust becomes a habit. It offers relief for a couple of minutes and that feels good, but just like smoking, when the need returns it becomes an unconscious, repetitive habit. And like I mentioned above, you are creating more of a problem.

The Solution

What is the solution you may be asking? The solution is to have your spine evaluated by a chiropractor to determine why you having the need to self-adjust in the first place. I find once we address the underlying physical issues and you begin to start feeling better, you have the need to self-adjust much less. And with less self-adjusting the area can begin to heal and we are looking at more of a long-term correction to the problem.

The adjustments chiropractors perform to the spine are very specific in nature. I only adjust the segments of the spine that need to be adjusted therefore creating more motion where it is needed. I am a chiropractor and I would not even self-adjust myself..which is why I have my weekly appointment with my chiropractor!

Your Turn

Have you ever tried to adjust your own spine? Leave comments below!



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