Back Surgery May Backfire

This was the title of a recent article that came out on NBC news. You can view the article here: Back Surgery

Most people who have a back surgery end up needing a second one later on, and in many cases even after 2 surgeries these people are in just as much pain, if not more than before.

This often times leads to opiate type of medications which are highly addictive and come with a whole list of nasty side effects. If you visit a chiropractor first for your back pain the chances of having surgery are much less than if you visits another heath care provider first. Of course, there are some cases where surgery is absolutely necessary, just make sure to exhaust all of your options first! The least invasive methods of treatment should always be tried before the invasive techniques.

I have been warning my patients as long as I have been in practice about how back surgery may backfire. I’ve seen many people come to me AFTER they have had surgery because they are still in so much pain. We can help people post-surgery, but it is much easier to help prevent the surgery in the first place.

If you are in Chicago and considering surgery, or if you have been living in pain, please reach out and let’s get you healing, feeling and functioning BETTER!

Yours in Health,

Dr. Steven Bourdage DC



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